The Books and Art

Being a Seattle-born individual, I was exposed to art at a young age. I took an interest to drawing and writing with the help of my father, who is also an artist and writer. I created and sold my first comic book at the Emerald City Comic Convention when I was six, and recently, I’ve become one of the best writers in my school. I know for a fact that I’m not the only one that loves art. I want other people, not even artists, to be exposed to the expansive hobby of drawing and writing.


It’s a whole forest of ideas just waiting for you to unlock. Art is not just a skill, it opens up a figurative ‘second life’; you can create characters, expansive lands, even whole worlds. You can prove the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” easily with one picture if you just put some thought. You can fit a whole story onto a blank sheet of paper, or a length of canvas, or a wall. You just need to believe in yourself! Come on, join me on this adventure of art and creativity.


Lewis Books and Art is a non-profit site, and will not accept any form of pay or compensation. The name, domain, and submitted art are owned/shared by Alexander Lewis. Reproduction or Re-sharing of any work within must by allowed, unless labeled otherwise.

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